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I’m not the most patriotic Polish person out there

In fact, I probably complain about being Polish more then I should

But it really fucking annoys me when someone says that Polish people are weak, because when Germany invaded Poland in WWII, they just sat back and let Britain and France defend them.


When Poland was invaded and the Nazi’s started killing all the Jewish Poles out there, Polaks took a stand, risked their lives to save others and fought back as much as possible. Just look at Irena Sendler and Tadeusz Sawicz. There were so many riots, battles and so many people died fighting for Poland’s independence. So sure, France and Britain helped Poland fight the Germans, but they weren’t the only ones fighting for freedom.

And when Germany attacked Britain, Poland didn’t sit around and do nothing as well. 17,000 Polish pilots, mechanics and ground staff helped Britain defeat the Germans. 

And it just annoys me so much that the textbooks say nothing about all the Polish people who died fighting in the war.

So no, I’m not the proudest Polish person out there, sometimes I even get embarrassed telling people where I’m from. But I swear to everything that’s important to me, I will punch every single ignorant motherfucker in my global class(when we get up to WWII) who will have the balls to turn to me and say, "So what, the Polaks were too busy getting drunk to defend their own freedom?" Or anything along those lines.

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